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The Nocellara Etnea is a native Sicilian cultivar widespread mainly in the central and eastern areas of the island as well as on Etna. It is a variety that is not easy to grow: the seedlings find it very difficult to take root and put down roots.

It is very resistant to atmospheric agents such as wind and low temperatures. Furthermore, it is able to resist water shortages well and takes root at fairly high altitudes.

The Nocellara Etna can be recognized by a vigorous plant, with a certain rusticity, an expansive habit and an averagely thick crown.

The extra virgin olive oil obtained has a very low level of acidity, a medium-high intensity fruitiness in which aromas of green tomato stand out, a herbaceous aroma reminiscent of grass leaves, almonds and thistle or artichoke.

In terms of taste and aftertaste it is quite spicy and a little bitter. The sweetness, however, depends on the maturity of the fruit: the riper the fruit, the more sweetness will be found in the oil.

The extra virgin olive oil from Nocellara Etnea is rich in polyphenols and consequently rich in antioxidant properties,  highly digestible and perfect for seasoning cooked and raw foods and for preparing desserts.

The oil obtained from Nocellara Etnea is  very valuable and of great quality


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